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ING Real Estate Investment Management Romania

In Romania, ING REIM is currently managing an important property in Romania- Felicia Shopping Centre (Iasi) and is looking to expand its Romanian portfolio with high quality products fitting the requirements listed below.

Office buildings

  1. Bucharest only;
  2. Single or multi-tenant buildings with strong tenants and medium or long term unexpired contracts (>5 years); 
  3. Northern (Baneasa, Aviatorilor, Piata Victoriei) or Central locations; 
  4. Sufficient parking facilities (depending of course on the type of the location) and good accessibility by public transport.


  1. Nationwide focus;
  2. Shopping centres as well as hypermarkets with galleries (preferably we buy both the hypermarket and the gallery);
  3. Good sustainable location (preferably within city boundaries), sufficient parking facilities and accessibility by public transport.


  1. Nationwide focus;
  2. Standard property featuring all necessary characteristics typically required by third-party logistics operators;
  3. Strong tenant(s) with long-term unexpired contract (as least 7 years term);
  4. Sustainability of rental levels is of importance.

Deal structure: ING REIM Romania buys existing cash-flow generating properties, but can also do forward purchases if necessary combined with an element of forward funding. In such case, the project needs to have all necessary approvals in place and a substantial share of the rental income should be secured.

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